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Response to Christian Nunes on Dr. Phil

Something that I heard recently bothered me quite a bit.

Lila Rose, the founder of Live Action was recently on Dr. Phil representing the Pro-Life viewpoint and debating other Pro-Choice guests.

Christian Nunes, the President of the National Organization for Women, said something deeply concerning that I've found has made its way much too far into our society.

Regarding a mother's right to choose she said, "If you determine for yourself that's when life begins that is fine for you. But someone else may determine something completely different, and this is where from the pro-choice standpoint we are saying it is not for us to decide for anyone what they believe; how they believe, but they have options."

Listen to what she said. Life may begin for your child at one moment, but it may begin for another child at another moment.

This is a perfect example of moral relativism, but is completely and utterly false.

Two people can have a genuine discussion about when life begins and come to two different conclusions. I can respect that. I may disagree with the other's viewpoint, but if we have an intelligent discussion and come to different conclusions, so be it. However, to say that one baby's life may begin at conception because the mother says so, but another mother says her baby’s life begins at birth because she says so is irrational, illogical, and unsound. Understand that this is the same thinking from Nazi Germany, or even more recently with Jim Crow Laws. People who are more powerful get to decide the value of other persons that have less say and less power.

Yet, this is where society is headed, what our schools are teaching, and what is being pushed.

At the end of the day, this isn't our opinion on our favorite pizza toppings or coffee shops. Those hold no moral weight. Yet, when it comes to MORALITY, those issues objectively do have right, wrongs, and moral consequences.

Either Christianity is right or it isn't. Either Islam is right or it isn't. Either murder is wrong or it isn't. Either theft is wrong or it isn't. Either racism is ok or it isn't. Both can't be right, but moral relativism says they can.

This is how society's crumble. You have your truth and I have mine may sound inclusive and loving, but at its core it breeds chaos, turmoil, and disarray.

Please be aware of this and lovingly call it out when you see it.

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